Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Searching for Mr. Good Treatment

Apologies to the movie referenced in title with Richard Gere - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Looking_for_Mr._Goodbar_(film

My mood has not been the best of late. I have been hunting high and low for treatment which suits me, my budget, my personality, my gut feel. It’s not easy. I’ve also been battling the ‘to do chemo’ vs. ‘not to do chemo’ debate. On the one hand it could save my life, on the other could ruin my health and immune system – not a great choice. So I have been doing a lot of research and speaking to many people. I’ve had some therapy treatments on the emotional and spiritual side and those were great. Still I did not have the answer I wanted.

The one answer I received was you need to know and ‘feel’ the best treatment for you personally and that only you can decide. Tough one. So with all my preconceptions about chemo and all my natural leanings towards the ‘hippy’ way this was a very hard decision to come to.

Today I had the appointment with my oncologist to discuss treatment. She is lovely – we will call her Dr Kind. She explained everything to me – what chemo treatment they can offer me and why. We spoke in great length about the side effects and any questions I had she answered. She even offered the services of a social worker should I feel that my daughter may need counseling. In short, she was amazing. She put me at ease and I feel much more confident and in control about the chemo now. It’s no longer the big bad wolf at the door. I am not going to lie and say this is going to be an easy road but at least now I am informed. The monster has been demystified and it’s not really a monster, it’s just another tool that can help me on my road to perfect health. 


  1. She sounds great. The monsters are seldom scary once you turn on the light and discover that they were just shadows on the wall. I loved her counselling suggestion.

  2. Exactly ex BIL - good analogy! She is a really good doc, we like her.

  3. That's good news, because I think if you have that inner peace that you made the best choice possible for yourself (with all your knowledge & research) then it's easier to focus on the battle.
    To give it your all :) Hugs

  4. We like Dr Kind. Another person in the army to oust Cruella for good!