Friday, February 22, 2013


Last night I had my first theta healing session and it was nothing short of amazing! What the treatment does it to bring out any issues that are blockages and release these by‘re-programming’ the way your brain reacts to the trigger / issue. So much stuff came up and I will not bore you with all the details. Suffice to say there were a lot of anger and trust issues. I was able to come to terms with ‘accepting’ the cancer which I wasn’t even able to admit to myself that I was unable to do before. This means accepting in the way that I am not in denial of it – accepting that it is there and that it needs to be dealt with. She also dealt with my thyroid as this was apparently causing me to feel exhausted – very true! Some of the issues that were highlighted were buried so deep in my sub conscious that I wasn’t even aware of them before. After the session I felt calm, relaxed and revitalized.

This morning I was able to go for my blood tests and x-rays with a great sense of calm, no drama and no panic feelings. I then made an appointment with the oncologist for next Tuesday. After this I went to the library to get some books and found some great books i.e. “The Journey” by Brandon Bays which I have read before but need to re-read as well as ‘Shattering the Cancer Myth” which details a whole host of alternate cancer cures and therapies. I have LOTS of reading work to do! I have also started reading the Emotion Code and plan to do some work with that. The book deals with the premise that all disease is as a result of trapped emotion in the body and how to release these.

I feel that things are being shown to me and that I am being guided on the right path. Yesterday for example I was in the chemist looking for some vitamins and was drawn to a herbal detox called Dandelion. When I looked it up in the book, it appears it is the exact right thing I need for all my ailments including cancer right now. Somehow my body knew that’s what it needed and chose it. This morning two separate people told me about a plant called sour sop (graviola) which is apparently a great natural treatment for cancer. I am going to order that in next week.

It may sound like I am all over the place but I believe there is a lot of necessary healing work that I am doing on ALL levels and I am excited that things are moving so quickly. I have also accepted that the chemo will be a necessary part of my healing. I need to do as many things as I can in tandem to kick this cancer’s ass and beat it once and for all. Also, like my theta therapist said, one cannot do too much and cannot do too little; you have to choose what is right for you. There are so many options out there that the choices alone could drive you insane (in my case, insaner) so I am picking and choosing and rejecting as I see fit. What feels right stays, what doesn’t goes. 

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