Friday, February 8, 2013

Are we really here again

Please allow me to introduce myself, I'm a gal of charm and wit (most days). I am a 40 something single mom to an almost 11 year old gorgeous daughter and live in the beautiful city of Cape Town.

In 2009 I was diagnosed with cervical cancer. I had a radical hysterectomy and all was well until 2011 when it came back. This time the treatment was radiation and 'boosting' chemo treatment. Cut to now - 2013 and it's back. This time there are kidney complications caused by the radiation and the first diagnosis I received was a radical operation which I do not care to detail here-in - suffice to say I would have to walk around with a baggie. The doctor who pronounced this lovely news blasted the bad news at me, watched as I crumbled emotionally and walked away - did not wait for questions or even try to comfort or give me any other option. This is all all before the final biopsy result is out. He has basically said the tumour is back which is all I really need to know right now.

So, back in 2009 when I was still new to this game, I remember researching all sorts of alternative cures and treatments. At the time it felt like I was playing with my life and my daughter's life. Quicker to cut it out and get on with my life. Who needs a uterus anyway. Little did I know. What I have since discovered is that even if they leave ONE cell there is a risk of the cancer returning. Add to that the horror of what radiation does to your internal organs and you have one very different Bee. In addition when I was being prepared for radiation, NO ONE of the doctors at any point cautioned me of the side effects (long lasting) of radiation. They said side effects would be transient for the duration of the treatment. Lies, lies, all dirty lies! Sorry, I do not mean to sound bitter here but I do wish to act as a warning for anyone who finds themselves in this situation in future.

I had the course of 6 week's radiation and then a number of tests thereafter whereupon they prounounced that the radiation had been successful and the cancer was now officially in remission. Wonderful, if it had been true. A year later, I developed a kidney infection, was admitted to hospital for it- the reason - a blockage on my urethra pipe, the cause - bits of dead tissue left over from the radiation. My cancer docs seemed to think that was ok, the urologist not so much. He installed stents in urethra to enable proper kidney function. Ever since that day, I have experienced some form of pain as well as other mild side effects too unlovely to detail. Cut to present day - I was booked into hospital for a routine replacement of the stents as well as a biopsy test to ensure cancer had not returned. The results are history as detailed above.

THIS time I do not want anything to do with the normal medical profession. This time I want to tackle cancer from ALL sides, spiritual, emotional, physical! And I mean tackle! Unfortunately to do this I need money - medical aid does not pay for anything not related to Big Pharma. I have sourced a qualified doctor who is well versed in MANY cancer treatments but who also works with emotional healing. My request is to raise funds and awareness - funds for my personal journey right now - and awareness for all other women out there who find themselves in the same situation. I am happy to talk to anyone and counsel or advise anyone who needs to talk to me.

I really hope and pray that there are some out there who can help. Please leave contact details in the comments and I will reply to your email.

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  1. Hi Belinda, I have somehow missed your whole ordeal this year. Sounds bloody scary! I'd love to support you - I don't have any experience with cancer, but willing to do whatever. SMS me so I have your cell 082 828 8000. Big long hug