Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Houston – we have a Plan!

After falling apart spectacularly yesterday – twice to be exact, I think God / The Universe / Powers that Be (Bee?) took pity on me and threw me a lifeline. I needed a plan – needed to know the way forward without guesswork, smoke and mirrors. I also needed to know that the plan was sensible and reasonable. All day I tried to make sense of options, read some more research – in general drove myself mad. I also spoke to a homeopathic doctor who didn’t give me much sense of comfort regarding my options.

Anyway in the evening I had an appointment with a quantum healer and Rife practitioner. There is a lot of controversy surrounding Rife therapy and an equal amount of research proving it as disproving it – so it’s all rather confusing. I choose to believe the positive and have faith in this method of treatment. The initial appointment is merely a scan for her to be able to put together a report on what is to be treated and how it will be treated. The scan took about 10 minutes but I spoke to her about my situation and options beforehand. She was very encouraging and positive and together we agreed on a plan as follows:

I will be doing a 6 month course of chemo and during this time we will use the RIFE machine as support i.e. it can be used to boost my immune system, manage pain, nausea and other symptoms e.g. anxiety and depression. I still have to speak to the oncologist about my treatment plan and am waiting for her to call me back today. I will need about 2 weeks for the RIFE machine to be programmed therefore I assume I will start treatment on about the 1st of March. After chemo is over, we will then use the RIFE machine as further treatment against the cancer to fight / kill whatever is left over. The cost of this is not as exorbitant as Dr Granola, it’s manageable and I think it’s a sensible option. I will have regular scans and check ups with both my oncologists and the Rife practitioner so we will be able to monitor progress.

I feel good and positive about this course of action and less like I am falling apart due to lack of control. 

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