Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Me and Bertha

Remember that song me and Bobby McGee? Well I have a variation on that now. Me and Bertha my bag. Sigh. Don’t mean to be gross but let’s back track shall we. I went in to hospital (Panorama Mediclinic, awesome hospital!) on Monday for a kidney procedure to have the left side drained to try to clear blockage. This is all in aid of improving kidney function so I can continue with treatment. So had the procedure done. The hospital and staff were absolutely amazing and awesome. I never want to go to any other hospital again. They were truly wonderful. I was discharged on Tuesday morning with an attachment – a drain from the kidney pipe. The doc says I need to keep this on till next Wednesday when I see him again. He will then measure creatine levels and schedule a stent operation for left side kidney. I am feeling good on the whole. The pain I had when I went into hospital was awful but that has now subsided and any pain I do experience is manageable with painkillers. So for now it’s me and Bertha the bag. 

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Hall of Mirrors

Sometimes this journey is like a hall of mirrors with different things behind each door. Ooh look behind door one we have tadaaa – blood transfusion. Next fun door is yaaay – blood tests. And that next one over there wow – we have e-coli! Yaaay. Sigh. I just feel like nothing is simple at the moment. Can’t I just get treated for this disease without all the added complications? It’s like playing musical chairs, when the music stops, we have another obstacle to face before we can get to the treatment. So I have had quite a time of it – been in hospital again for a blood transfusion this time because my blood count was too low for treatment. Then when I got out of hospital discovered that I had an infection, again so have to be treated for that. Then kidney function not good enough, so guess what BACK to hospital again on Monday for a procedure to treat that. I feel like a 2nd hand car with all my bits falling out. So Monday I go into hospital again then we see what happens next i.e. if kidney function improves what route do we follow. A friend of mine is sourcing THC oil for me and I am very keen to try that. I am still positive just a little tired of all the obstacles. On the up side my company has declared me a remote worker for the time of my treatment. This is a huge weight off my shoulders. I can do my job but not have to stress about going into the office every day. I am very grateful to them for all their support. Keep you all posted.