Sunday, April 7, 2013

Vampire Diaries

Phew it’s been a bumpy ride lately. My chemo was supposed to start on Tuesday last week after the long weekend. On the Monday holiday, I found myself incapable of getting out of bed. I was weak and felt nauseous, not a good combo. My dear daughter actually took my temperature and then called my parents to come through. I heard her outside on the phone saying: “Mommy is not well, please come and help.” Bless her little cotton socks.

I called the oncologist who told me to stay in bed and have some blood tests done in the morning before coming to have chemo. So Tuesday morning I did the blood tests which showed that I had lost a lot of blood and blood counts were very low. So low in fact that I needed to be admitted for a blood transfusion. Chemo would not be happening that day. I was admitted to the ward and had the transfusion overnight. It was not a pleasant experience but I seriously felt like a new person once the new blood was running through my veins, quite amazing. I was discharged the next morning and have been booked off work since then. On Tuesday I will go for more blood tests and then they will determine if I can start chemo.

They have put me on antibiotics for infection as well as given me stuff to stop the bleeding. At this point I am really feeling fantastic. I have NO pain, no infection and feel stronger than I have in a long time. I am at odds though about the chemo. It seems the universe is trying to delay this and I need to listen to that warning. My gut feel is still not entirely convinced that chemo is the right way to go but I also don’t feel like I have any other viable option. I am doing all the ‘other’ work and alternatives but I need to feel absolutely convinced about my treatment plan. I am working on this through some therapy and await a bolt of lightning to show me the way! 

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