Sunday, April 28, 2013

Gotta wear shades

So it’s the Sunday before blood test Monday and chemo Tuesday. I have mixed feelings vacillating between quiet confidence and utter panic. The chemo side effects were worsened about 100x last time due to the infection I had. I am HOPING this time it won’t be so bad and I won’t get an infection. The past week I have gradually started feeling better and better. The good news is that I am almost symptom free. My pain levels are almost nonexistent and if I do have pain it is manageable with Panado so very low level. I have received 2 supplements which I ordered online called Graviola (supposed to eat cancer cells) and Moringa (an anti-oxidant and immune booster). I have been taking these recently and also doing my Rife treatments which are also immune boosting. With all of this as armour I am hoping that the chemo will NOT affect me so badly. It feels SO good to feel good and healthy. I’ve also chopped most of my hair off as it was beginning to fall out. Soon I will be rocking the bald look or wigs – am going wig shopping with my dear friend and stylist tomorrow.

Right now the future looks so bright I’m  gonna wear my shades! J


  1. Hello my dearest friend,

    So proud I am off you... dear brave Alive.

    I love you.

    1. I was thinking of getting a tattoo (and I am AVERSE) to tattoo's which says simply: Brave - in calligraphy writing maybe on my upper arm. Also just realised my middle name Alice is very close to Alive - we like that! :) xxx Love u Wenchy! :D