Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Chemo Kicking Ass

OK to say the side effects have kicked my ass is literally an understatement. They started on Thursday, On Sunday I was admitted to hospital as I was having delirium tremens, hot and cold and just generally feeling weak and revolting. They discharged me on Tuesday but I am booked off till Friday with strict instructions to rest and take it easy. So I am trying to do that without driving myself mad from boredom and sleep overload. Anyone who has any words of wisdom NOW would be the time to share please.

On the good news side, my blood count is good and my kidney function is vastly improved from just 1 treatment.

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  1. I wrote you a lovely long message which my phone ate. Wisdom from me is laughable, but I will ask you to pleasr keep swimming Dort! Our show must go on!