Monday, April 22, 2013

Paper Bag

Right so I was re-admitted to hospital on Friday feeling like an absolute paper bag, wash out, heroin junkie, just in general really, really bad. I looked worse than I felt if that could possibly be imagined. My dear dad drove me to the hospital – I was wheeled into admissions and the irritating poppie robot behind the desk started filling in her million forms in triplicate then actually looked at me and in a sickly sweet, poppie,  saccharine voice said “Oh lovey do you want to go to the ward NOW?” No darling what I would really like to do is punch you in the face but that’s not gonna happen now is it? I’m just sitting here  doubled over in pain and having a major panic attack but I’ll be just peachy – thanks, let’s do lunch. And maybe I showed her the universal call me symbol. What I actually said was GRUNT or words to that effect. So I was allowed to go to the ward – oh joy.

I had to wait for the nurses to do their dance of admission, tests, paperwork etc etc before being told that the doctor would see me to prescribe something at 3pm. I was admitted at 1pm. Long, long interminably long wait. Eventually saw dear Doctor Sweet who pronounced that I had e coli and needed to be treated accordingly. Great, Houston – we have a plan. She piled me with all manner of drugs including tranqs, anti biotics, pain killers etc, a veritable smorgasbord. Felt a lot better (cloudy / fuzzy) after that, still the weak and fuzzy feeling remained, very unpleasant. Doc told me I had to stay in hospital till Monday, then be off work for another week and then come back the week after that for second chemo cycle. I kinda wondered where I was going to have time to fit work into this busy regime. Doc took care of that by phoning my place of work to explain the recent turn of events to my dear colleague. I was then literally hooked up to an IV after several unsuccessful botched attempts to find a vein. Suffice to say I have bruises in places now that are not pretty.

 I settled into my ward with my roomies mostly older woman but all fairly pleasant and chatty. I was in no mood to win friends and influence people however. Stayed in hospital for 3 days, the highlight of which was a particularly raucous visit from 10 friends and family on Saturday. This prompted a rather angrily worded sign on the door shouting ONLY 2 VISITORS PER BED! Oops. 

On Sunday I started feeling semi human again thank God and was discharged much to my great delight. I am now booked off with strict instructions to take it easy at home till Friday. Then next Tuesday the 2nd chemo cycle begins. According to docs, this should be easier as my blood count is good and infection will be cleared up. We shall see.

I am now at home and feeling WORLDS better. My doctor was frankly amazed at my rapid recovery! I am in 3 minds about doing chemo again but am pondering and will let you all know.


  1. I stand beside you my friend, maybe not in person but definitely in spirit. I pray for you and send you lots of healing light. You can get through this. I know you can. You are a tough, spirited woman and this will NOT get you down. YOU CAN DO THIS!!! xoxo

  2. Thanks guys. I thought this was quite a funny post - clearly I have a warped mind. Lol.

  3. Hi cuz. I love your sense of humor. Glad you are feeling alot better now. I agree with Andre, you are tough, and, a very spirited woman. Lots of people are praying for you. XX