Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Happy Go Lucky Bee

Just realised I usually only blog when I have something to moan about. So today I am going to break that mold. I have absolutely not one complaint today. Today everything is good. I have no pain. I feel fantastic. My spirits are high. I had a very, very good day. Today was also basically my last day of ‘loafing about’. I have officially been booked off for the week but I am SUCH a nerd I phoned my boss and asked her if I could work from home from tomorrow for the rest of the week. So to celebrate I took my parents and daughter out to lunch at Nitida wine farm. It was completely divine and relaxing. Still not done celebrating I then went shopping for some home d├ęcor stuff (moving in June to a lovely new home), then home to makeover my daughter’s room. The room now looks completely awesome and I realized I have missed my calling. Should bloody well be decorating or writing or a combination of the two. Hehe. Total dreaming of course as a change in career at this late stage in life might well be career suicide. Sigh. Maybe I shall just start a little on the side business whilst I continue with my project management career day job. That’s it from me today folks. Hope you all have a good and restful evening. And no it’s not the drugs talking! J

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  1. So happy to hear you are feeling much better. Yay!!