Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Super Woman - 1 Chemo down 5 to go!

Yesterday was my first chemo treatment day. I was filled with mixed emotions ranging from apprehension to fear etc. The night before I had a Rife scan and this showed that on a cell level my body is in a very good state for healing. Blood also looked good according to the scan so that was good news. I am continuing with the Rife treatments to support me through the chemo in terms of support to immune system etc . so that seems to be working very well!  

So the morning arrived and first thing to do was to get blood tests done. My appointment with my doctor was for 10h30. She examined me and pronounced all was well from that. The blood tests arrived and all looked good for blood counts. So in I went to the chemo room for first treatment. The drug they are using in Taxotere and I received a pamphlet with it as to what to expect, also some meds to help me with nausea – not cheap these either approx. R600 for 3 tabs!! The treatment is intravenous and took about 1hr and 45 minutes to complete during which time I was chatting on gmail and facebook on my phone and reading a book. The one thing I forgot about which happened last time was that once they put the 2nd bag on which is basically saline to flush the drugs through your system, your bladder wants to work immediately and a lot. Due to my current bladder problem that caused an issue. So I moved self from the very comfy easy chair into the room with a bed dragging my drip behind me. I must say both treatment rooms are the epitome of comfort. On the easy chair I had a foot rest and a blanket and constant offers of help and tea from the nurses. They are very good at Solway treatment centre.

They also gave me a blue premed pill which made me very sleepy and rendered me unable to drive home. So once again the cavalry in form of good friend and my dad arrived to get me and my car home. Lesson learned, next time I won’t be driving myself to treatment!

I got home at about 3pm quite tired but in good spirits, no pain no nausea and no side effects just yet. Had a nice dinner and an early night. My other good friend, insisted on replacing my old stupid fridge (just broken down recently) for me, so that was so cool of her – am VERY excited about that!

This morning I woke up feeling absolutely great. I am still taking the very expensive anti nausea tabs but SO FAR have had no side effects. I am feeling a little weak but I am sure sleep and food will sort that out pronto. I don’t want to preempt anything too much and will take it 1 hour, 1 day at a time but so far am feeling really good! 

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