Monday, April 29, 2013

Angel Card Reading I received today

If you are in anyway averse to 'shoowaah' hippy stuff then please look away now. For those of you interested here is my card reading I receive weekly. This one is particularly pertinent to me and my situation so I thought I would share it. 

The Eyes of Beauty eyes of beauty
 Positive expectations, clarity
Drawn from: Wisdom of the Hidden Realms - Colette Baron-Reid
The Eyes of Beauty require you to examine your perceptions. Do you see the world as perfect and beautiful? Can you retrace your steps from your past to now and see the perfection in the way reality has been created?
Truly, perception is everything.
A glass half-empty is the same asa glass half-full, yet so different according to how it's perceived.
The Eyes of Beauty remind youthat if you move forward with conviction, all is well now and always will be.You will see true prosperity as a result.
Expect to see beauty and you willattract your highest good.

Affirmation: I AM pure potential!Today I step out of my comfort zone into my possibility zone.

Kynite kynite
Inner Bridges - Storm Element
Drawn from: The Crystal AllyCards - Naisha Ahsian
Kyanite has come to you to aidyou in making those inner and outer connections that are necessary for yourdevelopment.
Perhaps a new relationship or opportunity is moving your way which will aid you on your path. Or perhaps you are being asked to "make the connection" between disparate aspects of your life.
All events and circumstances in our lives are a silent dance that the Universe orchestrates for our highest good. Every coincidence or happenstance is actually a carefully planned event that connects you to your next level of learning. Beneath every event and circumstance is the hand of the Divine, co-creating with you in your life.
Kyanite is sending you a messagethat the obstacles that you see on your path will soon be overcome. New bridgeswill be built that will carry you over difficulty, and will allow you toperceive your connection to the Divine

Affirmation: The Universe isworking to connect me with my highest good.

 Energy Work energy work
Life can be electrifying becauseits very essence is energy. Your body is a remarkable energy field that willpositively respond to loving treatments. Your hands and heart are activated togive healing energy to your loved ones and clients.
Drawn from: Daily Guidance from your Angels Oracle Cards - Doreen Virtue
 You received this card because the Angels say you would benefit from energy work, such as Reiki, the Journey or Angel Healing. You can find a qualified practitioner by contacting About Holistic Website.
The Angels suggest that you initiate a session where you'd receive an energy healing treatment.
This card can also signify the Angels' message that your life purpose involves giving energy healing work to others. If you have training in this respect, or you've been guided to seek such training, this card is a sign that you would excel in this area,
Clear the energy in your home or other environments. You're very sensitive to energy, so regularly clear yourself of any energy you may have absorbed. Shield yourself by visualizing yourself surrounded by protective white and purple light. Take courses on energy healing work.

Affirmation: I am standing in the pure white light of God; I am free of all negative energy surrounding me

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