Tuesday, April 30, 2013

On the Road to Recovery

Last night I went for another scan with my alternate healer and was corrected with the name. It’s not RIFE (that’s the machine that I am using for treatment), however the scan is called ETA. See my hyperlink for further details on that. Anyway the scan showed VERY positive results and improvement in all areas so all this means that I am doing (combination thereof) is working! Small happy dance. J

Today was supposed to be chemo day but my oncology doc is being very cautious. My HG (haemoglobin) count was 1.8 below what it should be so I am being booked in today to hospital for a blood transfusion. Chemo will then be postponed until next week Tuesday. I am VERY happy with the doctor’s approach and she is very satisfied with all my symptom reduction and progress so far. I am now quietly confident that all will be well. So it’s off to hospital for me at 3pm today but not fussed, this is just another tool, part of the process. Last time after transfusion I felt wonderful so hope to feel the same this time, even though I am not feeling bad at all – no tiredness etc.

I also 'test drove’ the wig today out in public to a hugely positive reaction – winner! 

So far so good everyone – so please keep up the positive messages, vibrations, prayers etc. They are definitely working and helping! J

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