Thursday, March 14, 2013

Some Good News

I know I have been a bit quiet of late and no it’s not due to falling off the planet or suicidal tendencies. Mostly I have been quite fine. I experienced quite bad pain the other day and am now supplementing my pain patches with pain tablets as per the doctor’s advice. On the upside, it looks like my bladder side effect is calming down and not as bad as it was.

On Sunday night, I had a family constellation therapy session with my friend in Germany over Skype. At one point in the conversation, he said he can’t detect the cancer anymore, that it’s gone. I was somewhat taken aback and confused but he was adamant saying he is hardly ever wrong. We agreed that I would go and do some tests and see what the doctors have to say about my condition based on that.

I then scheduled a sonar scan, a rife scan and a pap smear with three separate doctors for early in this week. Yesterday was the pap smear appointment. I realized while driving there that this was not going to show up any different due to the dead tissue inside me it would still show abnormal cells. I ended up chatting to my GP for 45 minutes as she was very interested to hear what I have been doing to try and treat the cancer. She has some books and CD’s she will be loaning me so that was good. At 6pm I went off to have the Rife scan. Previously I had done this on 18 February, so this is almost 1 month later. She started scanning me and looking slightly disbelieving. She then showed me the results. Overall system and organ function has improved by 51%. In the diseased area there is a 41% improvement rate. In my digestive and colon a 30% improvement since last scan. She looked at me and said that the usual rate of improvement in a month is average about 6 or 7%. This never happens. I told her what I had been doing and she was amazed.
She then gave me the Rife machine which she has programmed specifically for me. I will do 1 treatment a day on it and it will do various things such as support my immune system, take care of infection, manage pain as well as treat the cancer. As she said, things can only improve more now that I have the Rife machine at my disposal. She has given me a schedule to work with for a period of 1 month.

Tomorrow I have a sonar scan scheduled and then a follow-up with the oncologist to discuss the results on Tuesday. I want her to compare the last scan done on 5th Feb to this one and see if there is any marked change.

I am in a weird mood. I feel like running up and down and jumping in some moments and then others my skeptic comes in and says no this can’t be happening. I truly DO believe I am on the right track to recovery and that all I have been doing thus far is right and is working! I just need to shut up my inner cynic and not listen to her! 

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  1. Yay your inner good voice is leading you to the road of health. And what a journey this is.....Yay yay yay.......CONGRATULATIONS