Thursday, March 7, 2013

Healing Room

Today I woke up happy. Yes I am well aware of how crazy that sounds. I have not been waking up happy for quite a long time now so it IS a day to celebrate. There are a number of factors at play here one of them being my pain patch kicking in. One doesn’t realize the exhausting effects of constant pain until it is simply no longer there. Secondly, I think my happy pills (anti -depressants) kicked in on the same day (DOUBLE whammy bonus!)  I checked in the box and sure enough I am on day 12 so it should be around now they can start working.

Then unrelated to any physical explanation (and let me warn you I am going to sound loopy to some of you), I had an extremely weird experience last night as I slept / half dozed. I was in a half dream, half sleep state and I could hear voices chattering, one being my own but many others. I was aware my eyes were shut and the chattering was about me and my situation. As the talking continued, I had an overwhelming sense of release and lift as though the talking was doing healing work. The feeling that came over me was warm and very happy, in fact I think I woke up grinning. So, I have NO rational explanation for that aside from the emotional / spiritual healing I have been doing. Something changed, was shifted big time last night and it felt amazing. My one therapist puts it down to my own healing power working along with my guides. Whatever it is, I feel marvelous and a LOT more positive than I have in weeks!

I am reminded of a song by (SinĂ©ad O'Connor) - the Healing Room

I have a universe inside me 
Where I can go and spirit guides me 
There I can ask oh any question 
I get the answers if I listen 
I have a healing room inside me 
The loving healers there they feed me 
They make me happy with their laughter 
They kiss and tell me I'm their daughter 


  1. Cos the holy spirit lives inside you.

    1. Yes Mel, I believe that too... thanks Zoe xx

  2. Ah Belindy! :) This brought tears to my eyes. I'm so happy you had a good day, and know that you were in the presence of your Angels in your fugue state. You're so strong, and I think you're dealing with everything so positively. I respect you so much for that, and for your insights, and thank you for sharing them with us all.

    Love you x x x

  3. Aaaw Pen - am reminded of that song in City of Angels- in the arms of the angel, always loved that! Love u, B xx