Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Back from the edge

OK it's been nearly two months since my last post but a lot has been happening. Since the last Bertha there have been many developments.

Bertha 1 was removed as they were going to stent the left pipe. That didn't work so after a few weeks I saw a new urologist (Dr Caring) who we love. He recommended a 2nd Bertha as an interim solution before major kidney op. I am not going into detail here for fear on chasing all (ok all 3) of my readers away screaming in horror. Suffice to say - the op took 3 hours, I was in hospital for 2 weeks and high care for 3 days. Once again, Panorama and their staff were amazing. The  upside of this op means that I get to not die from acute renal failure and risk of infection is much reduced.

In between all of this (as I am clearly totally insane) I decided to move house closer to the Southern Suburbs. There were many reasons for the move, financial and being closer to friends and family being but  a few. My family were amazing and really just sorted out everything without me so much as packing a box. So now most of my stuff is in storage and I am living in a smaller place in Pinelands. I have simplified my life i.e. no pets, garden or pool maintenance to worry about. Rhiannon is ecstatic about moving and admitted to not being all that happy in Durbanville! So here I've been angsting over changing school and I really did not need to. In addition to moving house, I also managed to hit rock bottom with depression. Thankfully I got help in the form of an army of docs and buckets of drugs. :)

One of the other reasons for the op is so that once kidney function has been restored I can then  have chemo. Hmm - still not decided on that. I have been on the alternate meds now for about 2 months and I can honestly say I am feeling much better. My decision process will be based on going to have a scan soon at oncologist to see if the meds have reduced the tumour or not. If not, I will then have to decide about chemo.

I cannot begin to describe to you how much better I feel now that I've moved and post op. I was able to start driving again late last week and that was so cool. I realised how depressed an environment which you are not happy in can make you. The house I was in was literally killing me as a result of bad memories and trapped bad energy. The house was cold ALL the time. I am in such a better place now both literally and metaphorically and cannot thank my best friend enough for allowing me to rent from her.

So in conclusion all is well so far. I will keep you updated on my journey hopefully more regularly now as  I am back and up and running on the 'interwebs.' :D


  1. Amazing.. you are an amazing person Belinda. Such amazing positivity.. I can understand certain aspects of what you wrote as I am going through a little of the thought processes you did and still are.. The health aspects are alien to me but I can kinda understand how you must feel. All I can say is that I want the best for you and if this means that you have to move, simplify your life, follow alternative medication etc etc etc then go for it Girlfriend! I am walking the path with you.. sure not physically, but you are always in my thoughts and prayers.. This can be beaten and will be overcome!

  2. Yay for moving forward in so many areas!

  3. I am extremely happy that you have found your space.....Have been in my thoughts wwith heaps of positive thought being channeled your way....always.xxx